VIDEO: Opening Up Grade 8 Unit 4 Lesson 11

I made a screencast reflecting on a lesson (link). The main points are:

  • For a Notice & Wonder routine, copy and paste the image into a Google doc, create a 2 column table for I notice… and I wonder… to type student ideas below the image rather than writing it on the whiteboard. I also write the students name in parentheses to increase their math identity. This also works really well for me because I can type faster than I write and it’s much more legible
  • I didn’t show it, but I mention that I project students group seating in groups of 4 via Flippity. It also makes it easy to switch to groups of 3 if we are going to stand up at the Wipebook whiteboard stations to do some problem solving
  • I show how you can access the free Google Slides from the lesson plan link called “Community Resources”
  • If a lesson involves graphing with precision, I print out student task statements and project it under the document camera so what I write on is exactly what it looks like in their workbook to make sure all students have a chance to correctly write and understand an activity
  • I finished reading 5 Practices in Practice, which I will blog about soon, and it emphasizes that discussing “partially developed ideas sends important messages about taking risks” and how “there can be important benefits to discussing errors and false starts.”
    • I show the development of students thinking in creating a correct graph of y=-2x+15 by asking students what’s right and what’s wrong about: y=2x, y=2x+5, y=-2x+20, and so on (Desmos link)
  • Remind students and yourself that not all students will be done with a problem when you start synthesizing and that the discussion is super important to be involved in to learn from.
  • Know that the Lesson Synthesis can and most times will be direct instruction. You have to make sure to make the learning goals explicit from the lesson.

Since I have the free version of Screencastify, the screencast is broken up into 2 10 minute chunks. Please leave me a comment on the blog or tweet me any questions or comments.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: mrjoyce180

6/8th grade math teacher using open up resources tweeting from@martinsean

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